Result of AGM

Result of AGM

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27th October 2023


Anglesey Mining plc

(“Anglesey” or “the Company”)


Result of AGM


Anglesey Mining plc, the UK minerals development company, reports that the voting in respect of resolutions put to the Annual General Meeting held earlier today was as follows:

Resolution In Favour Against Withheld
1 To receive the report and accounts 189,783,411 160,879 6,904,061
2 To approve the directors’ remuneration report 189,512,035 418,776 6,917,540
3 To approve the directors’ remuneration policy 189,507,548 418,776 6,922,027
4 To reappoint John F. Kearney as a director 93,533,645 103,058,404 256,302
5 To reappoint Jo Battershill as a director 182,244,954 3,668,859 10,934,538
6 To reappoint Danesh Varma as a director 174,684,075 557,160 21,607,116
7 To reappoint Namrata Verma as a director 189,228,902 623,755 6,995,694
8 To reappoint Andrew King as a director 189,315,354 537,303 6,995,694
9 To reappoint UHY FDW as auditor 189,453,154 399,503 6,995,694
10 To authorise the directors to determine the remuneration of the auditor 189,661,122 337,726 6,849,503
11 To authorise the directors to issue new share capital 189,165,961 876,403 6,805,987
12 To disapply section 561 in respect of new issues 189,231,840 810,524 6,805,987


  1. Votes were received in respect of 196,848,351 shares representing 47% of the issued share capital.
  2. Any proxy appointments which gave discretion to the chairman have been included in the “For” total.
  3. The full text of the resolutions is shown in the notice of the AGM which is available in the annual report and on the Company’s website at


As a result of the voting at the general meeting set out above, John Kearney has ceased to be a Director of the Company with immediate effect. Non-executive director Andrew King will act as interim chairman and the Company will now commence a formal process to appoint a permanent successor.

Finance director Danesh Varma commented: “On behalf of the Board and colleagues at Anglesey Mining, I would like to thank John for his highly significant contribution to Anglesey Mining during his tenure as Chair and for his support to me personally.  John has played an instrumental role in the life of the Group over the past 29 years and will be sorely missed.

Total voting rights

The issued ordinary share capital of the company is 420,093,017 shares with voting rights; there are no shares in treasury.

The above figure may be used by shareholders as the denominator for the calculations which will determine whether they are required to notify their interest in the company, or any change to that interest, under the FCA’s Disclosure and Transparency Rules.


For further information, please contact:

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Brian Garrahy / Daragh O’Reilly – Tel: +353 1 679 6363


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